On Divine Names and Mosaic Authorship

Another interesting quote from a flat-earth theory book, this time on the folly of arguing that different people wrote Genesis while arguing the opposite with respect to other books of the Bible:

The critics do not agree among themselves, so that their testimony is not reliable, and only genders strife and confusion. They are not even consistent in their folly; for example, while they make Elohim and Jehovah-Elohim the ground for two different authorships in Genesis, they pass over in silence other parts of Scripture, especially in Job, where the distinction, in the use of these two words, is still more marked. Thus, in the first two chapters of that wonderful book Jehovah only is used, and in the last five it is again the: prominent word for God, while in the thirty-five intermediate chapters, with one exception, the word Elohim is used. To the discerning Christian the reason for thus using these two names is plain ; in the first two and the last five chapters, Job’s trust in Jehovah’s Covenant faithfulness was unshaken, while, in the thirty-five intervening chapters, he was troubled with his grievous trial, and thought only of God as the Elohim, Almighty in power. Further, these learned critics, while they make use of these words Elohim, and JEHOVAH-Elohim as the ground for assigning two different authors to Genesis, stultify themselves by saying that no book in the Bible is more clearly the work of one author than Job, where these words are far more forcibly distinguished than in Genesis.

~David Wardlaw Scott, Terra Firma: The Earth Not a Planet Proved from Scripture, Reason, and Fact, page 67 of pdf file, available online at https://thechosenites.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/terra-firma.pdf


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