Why Does the KJV Call the Holy Spirit an “It?”

J. I. Packer on “it” –

“John underlines the note by repeatedly using a masculine pronoun (“ekeinos,” “he”) to render Jesus’ references to the Spirit, when Greek grammar called for a neuter one (“ekeino,” “it”) to agree with the neuter noun, “Spirit” (“pneuma”): John wants his readers to be in no doubt that the Spirit is “he,” not “it.” This masculine pronoun, which appears in 14.26, 15.26, 16.8, 13-14 is the more striking because, in 14.17, where the Spirit is first introduced, John had used the grammatically correct neuter pronouns (“ho” and “autos”), thus ensuring that his subsequent shift to the masculine would be perceived not as incompetent Greek, but as magisterial theology.”

From: Keep in Step With the Spirit (2nd edition, 2005), p. 54.

Source: https://puritanboard.com/threads/biggest-errors-in-the-kjv.93019/page-3, Comment 61


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