Miracles of Preservation

Richard A. Muller, Post Reformation Reformed Dogmatics, Volume 2, Holy Scripture: The Cognitive Foundation of Theology, page 294:

On a lesser level of significance but nonetheless useful to the defense of the text against its detractors are the “extrinsic” arguments, which are divided by Leigh and others into two basic categories: miracle and testimony. The miracles can be miracles of “confirmation” as those performed by Christ and the apostles to manifest the truth of their words, or miracles of “preservation” like the providential care by which God preserved Scripture from all efforts of tyrants and evil men “to suppress and extinguish the word.”

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/87658-Dr-Maurice-Robinson-%E2%80%94-Recent-Interview-on-Evangelical-Textual-Criticism-blog, Comment #39 (Kent Brandenburg via Jerusalem Blade)


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