105 Critical Greek Text Verses With No Manuscript Support

Minuscule 569 (GA)

A compilation of verses sent by Dr. Maurice Robinson to Pastor Robert Truelove of Christ Reformed Church documenting the lack of manuscript support for many of the verses included in the critical Greek text:


From a Puritan Board discussion on Dr. Robinson’s approach to textual transmission:

Rich comments:

“Originally Posted by MW

Originally Posted by Semper Fidelis

In other words, if the Byzantine tradition is trustworthy due to its regular Church use then readings that cannot be found in the byzantine manuscript family then the argument for Vulgate readings seem to fundamentally undermine the stability of the Byzantine argument.

Yes, very perceptive. The theory claims an empirical basis but fails to establish itself by means of an impartial empirical observation of the manuscripts; it also requires a “providential” interpretation of the manuscripts which simply guesses that the Byzantine stream must be the most pure. At the same time I can appreciate that the Byzantine approach is giving this stream of mss. the attention it deserves and shows that there is a stable transmission history behind the so-called “majority” readings.

I’m glad someone sees my point.

If Dr. Robinson’s textual critical approach is correct then we have a Greek manuscript tradition and do not need to appeal to readings found outside that manuscript tradition to find “lost readings” that survived in the Vulgate to reconstruct a pure text. This would clearly mean the loss of the Comma regardless of how much Ecclesiastical tradition surrounds that text.”

In other words, Dr. Robinsons’s approach is fatal to the TR position and vice versa.”

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/87658-Dr-Maurice-Robinson-%E2%80%94-Recent-Interview-on-Evangelical-Textual-Criticism-blog, Comment #19

MW further comments:

“Originally Posted by Robert Truelove

Finally, Dr. Robinson’s comment about not being able to get at absolute certainty of ALL readings…this is a technical statement and in no way means we are left in the dark as to the essential text of the New Testament. The same problem exists with the Textus Receptus

I think this requires one to put faith in Dr. Robinson’s theory to lead to a New Testament text, but this will prove as disappointing as the eclectic methods and the Alexandrian priority theory. The genealogical theory was shown to be inadequate from the beginning, going back to the early 19th century.

The same problems are indeed associated with the Textus Receptus so far as empirical observation is concerned. Empirically I could give as good account of a great diversity of readings which are to be found in the mss. The reason is, that the mind of man is finite, the evidence is quite limited, the categories for understanding the evidence are always conjectural, and man is always motivated by reasons which are not even always clear to himself.”

Source: http://www.puritanboard.com/showthread.php/87658-Dr-Maurice-Robinson-%E2%80%94-Recent-Interview-on-Evangelical-Textual-Criticism-blog, Comment #38


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