Fixed v Flux

Rev. Matthew Winzer:

“The historian can only tell you “how” things happen; he cannot tell you “why” they happen. The explanation why one chain of events occurred and another did not is traced back to one’s philosophy of history, and that philosophy is often influenced by tradition and emotion among other things. Discerning the text of Scripture includes historical factors, and this is true regardless of which text one decides on. Besides, the very idea of the Word of God touching someone’s life is going to have an emotional element to it.

When it comes to this so-called “critical text,” I would point out that it is not an actual text. It is an idea that is developed in opposition to the received text. The received text is a fixed text. The so-called “critical text” is in a state of flux. It differs from one scholar to another. Nor does it claim to be an exact copy of the original. It is at best a reconstruction with a degree of “probability.” At the end of the day, not one word of this critical text can be proven by empirical evidence to be the word of God.”

Source:, Comment #10


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