Translation is not a Matter of Indifference

From the Puritan Board discussion Not KJVO, KJVP:

The Bible is the very word of God. It is God given. The translation of the Bible is a blessing of Providence. The Bible as translated is to be received and read as the very word of God. The problem with multiple translations, sometimes contradictory in meaning one from another, is that they force the Bible reader to choose between them. The Bible reader seeks God for wisdom, and makes his choice based on the evidence attainable at the time. The choice being made, he reads the preferred translation with the conviction that it is God-given. In the absence of any solid evidence to the contrary, he has no reason to alter his preference. Add to this the blessing of God upon the reading of the Bible, the important place of church authority and ministry, confessional subscription, religious vows and engagements, and other things of a like nature, and it becomes impossible to view the translation as a matter of indifference.

Post #7, Rev. Matthew Winzer, Australian Free Church, Victoria, Australia


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