Dr. Joel Beeke on the KJV

In a past article entitled PRACTICAL REASONS FOR RETAINING THE KJV, Dr. Joel Beeke offers 13 reasons for retaining the KJV.  The reasons, without Dr. Beeke’s explanations, are:

  1. The Standard Text of the English Bible
  2. Based on the Full Text of the Hebrew and Greek Originals
  3. A More Faithful Method of Translation
  4. A More Honest Translation
  5. A More Precise Idiom
  6. The Best Liturgical Text
  7. The Best Format For Preaching
  8. The Most Beautiful Translation
  9. An Ecumenical Text For Reformed Christians
  10. A Practical Choice
  11. ‘Sounds’ Like the Bible
  12. The Character of the Translators
  13. Upholds ‘Old Paths’

I find reasons 1-5 and 12 and 13 the most persuasive.  In particular, this statement, made under point 13, hit home to me:

The penchant for new translations was part of the program of change which has done such harm to many denominations over the past century. This change to new translations was often part of an effort to strip worship services of dignity, reverence, and beauty, in favour of the casual, the contemporary, and the convenient. It also causes a congregation to lose touch with keeping the Word in memory. Memorization of the Scriptures suffers when each generation uses a different translation.

You can read Dr. Beeke’s arguments for each point here:  http://youngpuritan.wordpress.com/2008/12/11/beeke-on-bible-versions-practical-reasons-for-retaining-the-kjv/


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