Creating Doubt Over What God Said

Alexander Smith:

“To follow the reasoning of people like White is to doubt the Bible you hold in your hands. These men are saying whole portions of Scripture shouldn’t even be there and every time a different translation comes out they’re preaching verses which don’t say the same thing they said the last time they preached on them. I think this is connected with a movement to always go to the original languages, which you see with a lot of Reformed people. Of course knowledge of the original languages is valuable and important, but if one has to refer to the original language to “really” know what Scripture is saying then you’re effectively saying the vast majority of Christians can’t truly know what God is saying to them in Scripture: they need a small group of learned men to tell them. That’s why the divine preservation of the text of Scripture is an essential element of the doctrine of the inspiration of Scripture. We have a faithful translation, based on a text which was divinely preserved. We can trust what we’re reading, if reading the KJV.”

Source:, Comment #28



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